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Weyerhaeuser Premium Seedlings are a result of nearly 80 years of research, testing and successful regeneration. The traits we breed for include volume, straightness, disease resistance, wood quality and tree form, to help ensure every tree has higher value at the mill.


Following the trend toward “morphologically improved” seedlings grown at lower seedbed densities, we’ve developed a process to capture increased root mass for improved survival and growth – the only patented seedling growing process in the industry (Patent #US 6,705,045 B1).

Standard nurseries remove a large portion of the root mass and leave it in the nursery bed. Our patented “skip row” process distributes seedbed density across 12 rows instead of the standard 16 rows. The result is an increased “edge effect” as wide spaced lateral pruning stimulates more root mass.

The result is a 30% improvement in root:shoot ratio over standard seedlings.


We’ve long been a leader in the breeding and testing of loblolly pine. Our goal has always been to breed for only the highest quality sawlogs. We believe that growing quality sawlogs brings the highest returns to forest landowners.

Our forest genetics program continues to pioneer new techniques in breeding and testing, developing advanced technologies to not only improve the growth and straightness of your future sawlogs, but the wood quality as well.


Field tests of our varieties are replicated across an array of environments to produce realistic and valid assumptions as to genetic gain – so the forest landowner can have confidence they will perform as expected when deployed operationally.

Our geneticists use advanced statistical software and proprietary models to analyze data from the field. These models are the most comprehensive in the industry and allow us to accelerate improvement and deliver genetic gain more quickly through our Advancing Front orchards.

Improving wood properties for solid wood products has always been important to our program – and a key differentiator from our competitors. Our long term breeding objectives ensure that wood produced by our fast-growing families continues to be the most suitable for solid wood products.

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